Land of Fishermen, Portimão has always been an inexorable place of passage for all of those who truly cherish the ocean offerings, and there are so so many. Sardine, mackerel, red mullet or sea-bream grilled on charcoal; fish, razor clams, dogfish shark or shrimp soup; small conger or octopus rice; squid, inked cuttlefish, scaled horse mackerel, tuna steak with onions, cockle Portimão’s style, fish stew and cataplans… convinced?

And if for some reason fish and shellfish are not your thing, there are plenty of alternatives. Purslane, swiss chard-beet, sweet potatoes with white beans, bread and tomato, chicken peas and “arjamolho” soups, as well as corn gruel with smoked sausages or shellfish, grain stew, and the notorious peas Portimão’s style, or were we not talking about a cuisine of rural influence.

And to sweeten the experience even more, there are plenty of local confectionery delights, such as figs and almonds, Dom Rodrigo’s, almond balls, almond tart, carob tart, “morgados”, fig cheese and fig with almonds, and to finish in style, nothing better than some“Medronho” firewater or a traditional liquor made from local honey and/or fruits.

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