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National cuisine with an mediterranean twist?

Why Facho? Because history needs to be cultivated, not merely revisited; and what better way to do so, than paying homage to Facho’s Can Factory, that once operated in the exact same place where Jupiter Marina Hotel- Couples & SPA stands today?

Jupiter Marina Hotel

Breakfast & Dinner

At Facho we celebrate the pleasure of fine dining at the table, where it should be. Ready for a truly unique experience of flavors, aromas and textures?

In addition to our healthy buffet breakfasts, throughout the entire week you’ll find a buffet or à lá carte menu, filled with local delicacies and international classics.

 07.30am to 10.30am


Jupiter Marina Hotel


Cooking is all about love and passion and if there’s one thing we love, is sharing our cuisine with the world. The concept? Pretty straightforward. National cuisine with a mediterranean twist, combined to perfection with local delicacies inspired in Algarve’s Coastline flavours; this is what Executive Chef Amadeu Baldé and his Team have in store for you. 

Sea bass and mango ceviche, "A Maresia", Snapper with "Bulhão Pato", Turbot, Cataplanas, Tomahawk, Entrecôte on the board,  the list is far from over, but our guarantee is always the same: an exquisite selection of premium meats; freshly caught fish and shellfish; as well as a constant collaboration with local farmers and fishermen to guarantee that only the best of the best makes it to the table.
So the challenge is officially launched. We just need you to bring on an “appetite”, gather your friends and lets celebrate the pleasure of fine dining at the table, where it should be. Ready for a truly unique experience of flavours, aromas and textures?

horário 7pm - 10pm

Dinner Menu


Jupiter Marina Hotel


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