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Best things to do in Portimão

Portimão: a city of contrasts.

Trying to sum up all that Portimão is in a few paragraphs literally impossible, so we’re gonna lift part of the veil of everything that is waiting to be discovered… by you.

Nothing quite beats starting the journey right in the middle of town. At Praça da República you’ll find an extremely cozy area, with local commerce, cafes and restaurants, as well as the Jesuit College; on the right side of Colegio’s Church you’ll find the Diogo Gonçalves Museum, home to one of the largest and most paramount collections of contemporary paintings in the Algarve.

Right at the top of Praça da República you’ll be able to see part of the old City Wall, and going up Avenida João de Deus, you’ll find the Mother Church of Our Lady of Conception. Go down Rua de Santa Isabel and delight yourself with the Manuelline inspired doors; and don’t forget to walk along Rua Júdice Fialho, where it used to stand the old City Wall and Ribeira’s Door.

Next stop, Largo da Barca most definitely; a place where for centuries the connection of both river banks was made; there you won’t have any trouble finding a restaurant to try one of Portimão’s most prominent dishes: grilled sardines; and since you’re by the riverside, be sure to visit Rua Júdice Biker, where you may visit some of the oldest pastries in town and taste our delicious traditional confectionery like the Dom Rodrigo’s or the Morgados.

Right in front of the old pastries you’ll find the 1º de Dezembro Garden, as well as Sárrea’s Palace gardens and if you keep walking you’ll arrive at 1º de Maio Square and its Bívar Palace. Be sure to go down Rua D. Carlos I which will lead you to the Old Fish Canning Factory, home to Portimão’s Municipal Museum, and revisit some of the city’s history.

Nearby you’ll find the São Francisco Convent and its church, magnificently located by Arade’s River and from then onwards, head straight to Praia da Rocha and finish the journey with a breathtaking view of the ocean right from the Santa Catarina de Ribamar’s Fortress.

The best beach in Portugal?

At Portimãos Parish the beaches extend all along the coastline and there is no shortage of options, but there’s just no way of going round it’s biggest ex-libris ever, the notorious Praia da Rocha, where cliffs sculpted by the winds of time hide a true gem, bathed by the immense and overwhelming blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Want to be close to where all the action happens? Then Praia da Rocha is definitely "THE PLACE" to be. First-class sporting events like the Beach Soccer World Cup; nautic sports such as surf or windsurfing; some of the best summer parties in the country with the best DJ’s in the world; a variety of restaurants, bars and nightclubs… and the list goes on and on and on.

To eat and cry for more ?

Land of Fishermen, Portimão has always been an inexorable place of passage for all of those who truly cherish the ocean offerings, and there are so so many. Sardine, mackerel, red mullet or sea-bream grilled on charcoal; fish, razor clams, dogfish shark or shrimp soup; small conger or octopus rice; squid, inked cuttlefish, scaled horse mackerel, tuna steak with onions, cockle Portimão’s style, fish stew and cataplans… convinced?

And if for some reason fish and shellfish are not your thing, there are plenty of alternatives. Purslane, swiss chard-beet, sweet potatoes with white beans, bread and tomato, chicken peas and “arjamolho” soups, as well as corn gruel with smoked sausages or shellfish, grain stew, and the notorious peas Portimão’s style, or were we not talking about a cuisine of rural influence.

And to sweeten the experience even more, there are plenty of local confectionery delights, such as figs and almonds, Dom Rodrigo’s, almond balls, almond tart, carob tart, “morgados”, fig cheese and fig with almonds, and to finish in style, nothing better than some“Medronho” firewater or a traditional liquor made from local honey and/or fruits.

Let's dance till sunrise ?

Portimão’s nightlife feels eternal, always to the best rhythms and tunes, but if you’re looking for a quitter evening, be sure to visit the cafes and bars on the city center, right next to Rua do Comércio or Praça da República; but if it’s serious entertainment that you’re looking for, then the choice is obvious, Praia da Rocha!

There are also plenty of options at Portimão’s Marina, where you can and should enjoy the sea breeze, or just stroll along Praia da Rocha sandy beach and discover a multitude of cafes, restaurants and summer beach clubs; still, and to finish the evening in style where all happens Tomás Cabreira Avenue in the heart of Praia da Rocha and its array of bars and nightclubs is definitely the place to be.

Bicycle Tours

It’s literally impossible to discover Portimão without setting foot on the beach, but it’s so worth it discovering its places, faces and magic, so skip the beach for a change, get the backpack ready and take a breath of fresh air while taking a stroll along it’s natural paths, revealing a number of  idyllic sceneries such as: Ponta João D’Arens, where the rocks carved by erosion are home to a number of bird species; the fabulous Ria do Alvor, with its dunes, allowing the existence of its marsh and estuary; and of course, without forgetting Mexilhoeira Grande, where the landscape is mostly agricultural, and discover the techniques used by our ancestors.

Cave Captain

Cave Captain

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In the Algarve, between Carvoeiro and Armação de Pêra, you can find some of the most beautiful rocks and caves in the world. The best known of these rock formations is the Benagil Cave, where the Benagil Cave is also located. This gigantic cave is sometimes referred to as Benagil Cathedral because of the various arches it forms which, when seen from outside the cave, give it the appearance of a cathedral.

The shape of its spiral walls goes up to the algar.  The colour of the walls oscillates between orange, yellow and white, in an explosion of colours so dazzling that it is hard to believe they were not painted by human hand. Another phenomenon that is cause for admiration is the beach inside Benagil Cathedral and the sea water. The sea water acquires a turquoise colour inside the cave, which transports us to a paradise island in the middle of the Pacific.

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Departures at Portimão Marina

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